Azure Synapse Analytics

Metrics, Dashboards, Alerts and more for Azure Synapse Analytics Integration in Sysdig Monitor.
Azure Synapse Analytics

This integration can be enabled via the Connect an Azure Account page.

This integration has 9 metrics.

List of Alerts

[Azure Synapse Analytics] High Login Error RateToo many unsuccessful login attempts to the built-in SQL.Prometheus
[Azure Synapse Analytics] Requests Ended High Error RateToo many failed SQL requests.Prometheus
[Azure Synapse Analytics] Activities Ended High Error RateToo many activities returned failed results.Prometheus
[Azure Synapse Analytics] Failed Link Table High Error RateToo many failed link table events.Prometheus

List of Dashboards

Azure Synapse Analytics

The dashboard provides information on the Azure Synapse Analytics integration. Azure Synapse Analytics

List of Metrics

Metric name

Monitoring and Troubleshooting Azure Synapse Analytics

This document describes important metrics and queries that you can use to monitor and troubleshoot Azure Synapse Analytics.

Built-in SQL Pool

Login attempts

Use the following query to check the number of unsuccessful login attempts in the SQL built-in pool in the last 10 minutes:

sum (sum_over_time(azure_synapse_workspaces_builtin_sql_pool_login_attempts{result="Failed"}[10m])) by (cloud_provider_account_id,cloud_provider_region_name,resource_group,cloud_provider_resource_name,result)

A return value other than 0 indicates that some service is trying to access to SQL with incorrect credentials.

Data processed

Use the following query to get the number of bytes processed by SQL built-in pool:


Requests ended with error

Use the following query to check the number of error requests in the SQL built-in pool:

sum (sum_over_time(azure_synapse_workspaces_builtin_sql_pool_requests_ended{result="Failed"}[10m])) by (cloud_provider_account_id,cloud_provider_region_name,resource_group,cloud_provider_resource_name,result)

Synapse activities

Activities runs ended

Use the following query to get the number of activities in failed result:


Use the following query to get the number of link table events:

sum(azure_synapse_workspaces_integration_link_table_events_sum) by (cloud_provider_region_name, resource_group, cloud_provider_resource_name, linkconnectionname, eventtype, tablename)

Use the following query to get the number of link connection events:

sum(azure_synapse_workspaces_integration_link_connection_events_sum) by (cloud_provider_region_name, resource_group, cloud_provider_resource_name, linkconnectionname, eventtype)

Use the following query to get the link bytes processed:


Use the following query to get the number of rows changed:


Use the following query to get the link latency in seconds: