Azure Files

Metrics, Dashboards, Alerts and more for Azure Files Integration in Sysdig Monitor.
Azure Files

You can enable this integration using the Connect an Azure Account page.

This integration has 7 metrics.

List of Alerts

[Azure Files] Running Out of CapacityAzure Files is running out of space.Prometheus

List of Dashboards

Azure Files

The dashboard provides information on the Azure Files integration. Azure Files

List of Metrics

Metric name

Monitoring and Troubleshooting Azure Files

This document describes important metrics and queries that you can use to monitor and troubleshoot Azure Files.

The metrics covered in this document are applicable only to Azure Files. Sysdig offers a different integration for Azure Storage Accounts.

Most of the metrics return a value of 0 when it should be a null (not applicable) value. That’s why we recommend filtering them out with the PromQL expression metric_name > 0.

File Capacity

Use the following query to get the amount of File storage used by the storage account:

azure_storage_storageaccounts_fileservices_file_capacity_avg > 0

File Count

Use the following query to get the number of files in the storage account:

azure_storage_storageaccounts_fileservices_file_count_avg > 0

File Share Capacity Quota

Use the following query to get the upper limit on the amount of storage that can be used by Azure Files Service in bytes:

azure_storage_storageaccounts_fileservices_file_share_capacity_quota_avg > 0

File Share Count

Use the number of file shares in the storage account:


File Share Snapshot Count

Use the following query to get the number of snapshots present on the share in storage account’s Files Service:

azure_storage_storageaccounts_fileservices_file_share_snapshot_count_avg > 0

File Share Snapshot Count

Use the following query to get the amount of storage used by the snapshots in storage account’s File service in bytes:

azure_storage_storageaccounts_fileservices_file_share_snapshot_size_avg > 0