Troubleshoot AWS Account Connections

The potential causes for failing to connect to an AWS account are:
  • AWS credentials are invalid or role was configured incorrectly.
  • Creating or updating stack failed.
  • Metric stream stopped.
  • Sysdig could not process the requests due to having a wrong token.

Sysdig displays an error with potential causes when you hover on the status.

To troubleshoot:

  • Ensure that your access key and secret access key are correct. The edit functionality is unavailable so you will have to delete the entry and create a new one.
  • Log in to the AWS console.
    • Check the status of the stack and troubleshoot it in on the AWS console.
    • Find the metric stream created as part of stack and start it.
  • Ensure that Sysdig services are up and running by visiting Sysdig Infrastructure Status.
  • Contact Sysdig Support to check the logs on Sysdig side.
  • See AWS Documentation.