Connect an AWS Account

Sysdig Platform can collect both general metadata, AWS Private Billing information, and various types of CloudWatch metrics from your AWS environment to provide the following:

  • Cloud Watch Monitoring : Monitor your AWS infrastructure for health and performance.

    You can use one of the following methods to connect an AWS account to Sysdig:

    • By using CloudWatch Metric Streams.
    • By using AWS CloudWatch APIs.

    After connecting an AWS account, data will become visible in the Sysdig Monitor UI after a 10-15 minute delay.

  • Cost and Usage Reporting: View AWS billing reports and savings estimates. Connect an AWS account using one of the following:

    • Using an AWS access key and secret key
    • Using AWS Role Delegation
Topics in This Section
CloudWatch Monitoring

Sysdig provides AWS monitoring capabilities to help you surveil the health and performance of your AWS infrastructure in one location. You can collect both general metadata and various types of CloudWatch metrics from your AWS environment for this purpose.

AWS Cost and Usage Reporting

Sysdig can connect to an AWS account and provide AWS private billing capabilities. You can view AWS usage reports and saving estimates in one location.

Integrate AWS Lambda Telemetry API

Sysdig provides Sysdig Monitor Lambda Extension (Preview) for AWS Lambda Telemetry API to help you consume Lambda metrics, providing great visibility into serverless environments. The extension can subscribe to the Telemetry API, process the telemetry event streams in real-time, and send the metrics to Sysdig Monitor. You can simply add the Sysdig Lambda Extension as a layer to your individual Lambda functions and receive telemetry metric streams for each Lambda function.

Troubleshoot AWS Account Connections