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    PHP-FPM (FastCGI Process Manager) is an alternative PHP FastCGI implementation, with some additional features useful for sites of any size, especially busier sites. If PHP-FPM is installed on your environment, the Sysdig agent will automatically connect. You may need to edit the default entries to connect if PHP-FPM has a custom setting in its config file. See the Default Configuration section, below.

    The Sysdig agent automatically collects all metrics with default configuration.

    This page describes the default configuration settings, how to edit the configuration to collect additional information, the metrics available for integration, and a sample result in the Sysdig Monitor UI.

    PHP-FPM Setup

    This check has a default configuration that should suit most use cases. If it does not work for you, verify that you have added these lines to your php-fpm.conf file. The default location is /etc/

    pm.status_path = /status
    ping.path = /ping

    Sysdig Agent Configuration

    Review how to Edit dragent.yaml to Integrate or Modify Application Checks.

    Default Configuration

    By default, Sysdig’s dragent.default.yaml uses the following code to connect with PHP-FPM and collect all metrics:

      - name: php-fpm
        check_module: php_fpm
        retry: false
          exe: "php-fpm: master process"

    If you have a configuration other than those for PHP-FPM in php-fpm.conf, you can edit the Sysdig agent configuration in dragent.yaml, as shown in Example 1.

    Remember! Never edit dragent.default.yaml directly; always edit only dragent.yaml.


    Replace the values of status_url and ping_url below with the values set against pm.status_path and ping.path respectively in your php-fpm.conf:

      - name: php-fpm
        check_module: php_fpm
          exe: "php-fpm: master process"
          status_url: /mystatus
          ping_url: /myping
          ping_reply: mypingreply

    Metrics Available

    See PHP-FPM Metrics.

    Result in the Monitor UI