Integrations for Sysdig Monitor include a number of platforms, orchestrators, and a wide range of applications designed to extend Monitor capabilities and collect metrics from these systems. Sysdig collects metrics from Prometheus, JMX, StatsD, Kubernetes, and a number of applications to provide a 360-degree view of your infrastructure. Many metrics are collected out of the box; you can also extend the integration or create custom metrics to receive curated insights into your infrastructure stack.

Key Benefits

  • Collects the richest data set for cloud-native visibility and security.

  • Polls data, auto-discover context in order to provide operational and security insights.

  • Simplifies deploying your monitoring integrations by providing guided configuration, curated list of enterprise-grade images, integration with CI/CD workflow.

  • Extends the power of Prometheus metrics with additional insight from other metrics types and infrastructure stack.

  • Employs Prometheus alert and events and provides ready-to-use dashboards for Kubernetes monitoring needs.

  • Exposes application metrics using Java JMX and MBeans monitoring.

Key Integrations

Data Sources

  • Monitoring Integrations

    Describes how to configure Monitoring Integration in your infrastructure and receive deeper insight into the health and performance of your services across platforms and the cloud.

  • Cloud Accounts

    Describes how to configure Cloud Integration in your infrastructure and receive deeper insight into the health and performance of your services across platforms and the cloud.

  • Prometheus Metrics

    Describes how Sysdig agent enables automatically collecting metrics from services that expose native Prometheus metrics as well as from applications with Prometheus exporters, how to set up your environment, and scrape Prometheus metrics seamlessly.

  • Sysdig Platform Audit

    Learn how to audit and report the use of the Sysdig platform.

  • Agent Installation

    Learn how to install Sysdig agents on supported platforms.

  • Java Management Extention (JMX) Metrics

    Describes how to configure your Java virtual machines so Sysdig Agent can collect JMX metrics using the JMX protocol.

  • StatsD Metrics

    Describes how the Sysdig agent collects custom StatsD metrics with an embedded StatsD server.

  • Node.JS Metrics

    Illustrates how Sysdig is able to monitor node.js applications by linking a library to the node.js codebase.

  • (legacy) Application Integrations

    Describes the monitoring capabilities of Sysdig agent with application check scripts or ‘app checks’.


  • Notification Channels

    Learn how to add, edit, or delete a variety of notification channel types, and how to disable or delete notifications when they are not needed, for example, during scheduled downtime.

  • S3 Capture Storage

    Learn how to configure Sysdig to use an AWS S3 bucket or custom S3 storage for storing Capture files.

Platform Metrics (IBM)

For Sysdig instances deployed on IBM Cloud Monitoring with Sysdig, an additional form of metrics collection is offered: Platform metrics. Rather than being collected by the Sysdig agent, when enabled, Platform metrics are reported to Sysdig directly by the IBM Cloud infrastructure.

Platform metrics are metrics that are exposed by enabled services across the IBM Cloud platform. These services have made metrics and pre-defined dashboards for their services available by publishing metrics associated with the customer’s space or account. Customers can view these platform metrics alongside the metrics from their applications and other services within IBM Cloud monitoring.

Enable this feature by logging into the IBM Cloud console and selecting “Enable” for IBM Platform metrics under the Configure your resource section when creating a new IBM Cloud Monitoring with a Sysdig instance, as described here.

Topics in This Section
Integrations Library

This section displays the ever-growing integration library in Monitor.

Working with Integrations

Learn how to configure and use different type of integrations in Sysdig Monitor.