Getting Started with Sysdig Monitor

Sysdig Monitor allows you to maximize the visibility of your Kubernetes environments with native Prometheus support. You can troubleshoot issues faster with Sysdig’s eBPF derived metrics, out-of-the-box dashboards, and alerts.

You can choose Sysdig Monitor for a Free Trial option to quickly connect to a single cloud account with Sysdig and start with Prometheus-compatible Kubernetes and cloud monitoring.

Once connected, the Get Started page shows a subset of the options available in the 30-day trial.

Get Started Page

The Get Started page targets the key steps to ensure users are getting the most value out of Sysdig Monitor. The page is updated with new steps as users complete tasks and Sysdig adds new features to the product.

The Get Started page also serves as a linking page for

  • Documentation

  • Release Notes

  • The Sysdig Blog

  • Self-Paced Training

  • Support

Users can access the Get Started page at any time by clicking the rocketship in the side menu.

Install the Agent

Installing the agent on your infrastructure allows Sysdig to collect data for monitoring and security purposes. For more information, see Quick Install Sysdig Agent on Kubernetes.

(Optional) Connect Your Prometheus Servers

Connecting your Prometheus servers to Sysdig-managed Prometheus Service helps leverage Sysdig for scalable long-term storage of your Prometheus metrics, PromQL dashboards, centralized querying, and PromQL-based alerting. For more information, see Collect Prometheus Metrics.

Invite Your Team

Invite someone in your team to use this Sysdig Monitor account. They will be notified with an email. A user will be created for them and will be added to the default team. They are automatically assigned to the Advanced User role.

Monitor Your Kubernetes Clusters

Get a unified view of the health, risk, and capacity of your Kubernetes infrastructure in a multi- and hybrid-cloud environment. For more information, see Dashboard Templates.

Workload Status & Performance

Get deep insight into your Kubernetes workloads faster with the Workload Status & Performance Dashboard.

Pod Status & Performance

Drill down to workload pods and monitor pod-level resource usage and troubleshoot performance issues with the Pod Status & Performance Dashboard.

Cluster Capacity Planning

Verify if your cluster is sized properly for existing deployed applications, identify over-commit on resources that can lead to pod evictions, discover unused requested resources or containers without limits defined with the Cluster Capacity Planning Dashboard.

Cluster/Namespace Available Resources

Determine if your cluster has the capacity to deploy a new workload and ascertain if increasing CPU or memory requests or placing limits on an existing application is necessary with the Cluster/Namespace Available Resources Dashboard.

Pod Rightsizing & Workload Capacity Optimization

Identify resource-hogging workloads while optimizing your capacity with the Pod Rightsizing & Workload Capacity Optimization Dashboard.

Set Up Alert

Sysdig Monitor emits alerts to get proactive notification of events, anomalies, or any incident that requires attention. The alerting system provides out-of-the-box push gateways for regular email, Slack, Cloud-provider notification queues, and custom webhooks, among others. See Alerts.

Configure a Notification Channel

Alerts are used in Sysdig Monitor when Event thresholds have been crossed and can be sent over a variety of supported notification channels. Integrate Sysdig with your notification dispatchers and incident management workflows. See Set Up Notification Channels

Turn on Alerts

Turn on recommended alerts from our Alerts Library. Customize our recommendations or create your own alerts from scratch. See Alerts Library.

Monitor Your Services

Create a Dashboard

Create customized dashboards to display the most relevant views and metrics for the infrastructure in a single location. Each dashboard is comprised of a series of panels configured to display specific data in a number of different formats. See Dashboards.

Get Started with PromQL

Write PromQL queries easier with form-based querying available with Sysdig Monitor. All metrics are enriched with cloud and Kubernetes metadata avoiding complicated PromQL joins. See Using PromQL.

Monitoring Integrations

Sysdig discovers services running in infrastructure and recommends appropriate Monitoring Integrations that allow you to collect service-specific metrics. The integration bundle includes out-of-the-box dashboards and default alerts. See Configure Monitoring Integrations.

Advanced Actions

Integrate development tools: