Using Metrics Explorer

This topic helps you familiarize with Metrics Explorer.

You’ll find Metrics Explorer on the Explore slider menu on the Sysdig Monitor UI. Click Explore to display the slider.

Filter Infrastructure & Metrics

You can drill down the infrastructure stack and get insight into the numerous metrics available to you at each level of your stack. These displays can be found by selecting a top-level infrastructure object, then using the scope filtering for relevant infrastructure objects and metrics filtering for desired metrics.

Sysdig Monitor displays only the metrics and dashboards that are relevant to the selected infrastructure object.

On the Metrics Explorer tab, open the infrastructure filtering menu and select the infrastructure object you want to explore. (demo-kube-gke in the example)

Navigate to Filter metrics and search or select the desired metric. (memory_bytes in the example).

The metric will instantly be presented as a timechart. The scope of the metric, when viewed via the scope filtering menu, is set to the infrastructure object that you have currently selected.

Multiple queries can be added either via the Metric list of by clicking on Add Query.

Switch Groupings

To switch between available groupings follow the steps outlined below.

On the Metrics Explorer tab, click the My Groupings drop-down menu, and select the desired grouping from the drop-down list

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