Explore Interface

The sections below outline the key areas of the interface and detail basic navigation steps.

The C-Frame Structure

The image below provides a complete view of the Explore UI in the Sysdig Monitor c-frame style interface:

There are several key areas highlighted in the image above:

  • Product Selector: This allows you to switch between Sysdig products.

  • Grouping: Groupings are hierarchical organizations of tags, allowing users to organize their infrastructure views using the Grouping Wizard in a logical hierarchy. For more information on groupings, refer to Grouping, Scoping, and Segmenting Metrics.

  • Modules: Quick links for each of the main Sysdig Monitor modules: Explore, Dashboards, Alerts, Events, and Captures.

  • PromQL Query Explorer: Run PromQL queries to build your infrastructure views and get an in-depth insight into what’s going on. See PromQL Query Explorer.

  • Management: Quick links for Sysdig Spotlight, help material, and the user profile configuration settings.

  • Drill-Down: This allows you to explore deep down the infrastructure stack and retrieve all the components in a certain category in a single organized element.

  • Search Metrics and Dashboards: Helps you select desired metrics or dashboards.

  • Time Navigation: Helps you customize the time window used for displaying data

  • Key Page Actions: Quick links to create events, alerts, and dashboards.

Last modified July 17, 2021