This feature is available in the Enterprise tier of the Sysdig product. See https://sysdig.com/pricing for details, or contact sales@sysdig.com.

The Sysdig Monitor web interface centers around the Explore module, where you perform the majority of infrastructure monitoring operations. Explore provides you the ability to view and troubleshoot key metrics and entities of your infrastructure stack. Sysdig Monitor automatically discovers your stack and presents pre-built views in Explore. You can drill down to any layers of your infrastructure hierarchy and view granular-level data. Grouping controls how entities are organized in Explore. Grouping is fully customizable by logical layers, such as containers, Kubernetes clusters, or services.

In addition to the Explore interface, Sysdig provides a PromQL Query Explorer and PromQL Library. They help you understand metrics and corresponding labels and values clearly, to create queries faster, and to build Dashboard and Alerts easily.

Learn more about using Explore in the following sections:

Last modified July 17, 2021