About Explore

The Sysdig Monitor user interface centers around the Explore module, where you perform the majority of infrastructure monitoring operations. Sysdig Monitor automatically discovers your stack and presents pre-built views in Metric Explorer. Explore provides you with the ability to view and troubleshoot key metrics and entities of your infrastructure stack. You can drill down to any layers of your infrastructure hierarchy and view granular-level data. Metrics Explorer allows you to run form queries and build infrastructure views by using interactive metric and label filtering.

Grouping controls how entities are organized in Explore. Grouping is fully customizable by logical layers, such as containers, Kubernetes clusters, or services.

In addition to the Explore interface, Sysdig provides a PromQL Query Explorer and PromQL Library. They help you understand metrics and corresponding labels and values clearly, to create queries faster, and to build Dashboard and Alerts easily.

Benefits of Using Explore

  • Explore gives insight into:

    • Metrics and labels associated with your infrastructure.
    • Scope of the metrics. View the list of metrics collected from different part of the infrastructure. You can easily understand the association between a metric and the infrastructure layer it belongs to.
  • Explore allows

    • One-click access to the Metric Explorer view for All Workloads, Nodes, Containerized Apps, and Hosts&Containers in your environment.
    • One-click access to PromQL Query Explore and PromQL Library.
    • One-click access to available data sources. These are the immutable Groupings and clicking one of these options has the same effect as selecting a Grouping from the menu dropdown.
    • Use either form query or PromQL to query metrics and build Dashboard panels or create alerts.
    • View the last selected Grouping.

Explore Interface

This section outlines the key areas of the interface and detail basic navigation steps.

There are several key areas highlighted in the image above:

  • Switch Products: This allows you to switch between Sysdig products.

  • Grouping: Groupings are hierarchical organizations of tags, allowing users to organize their infrastructure views using the Grouping Wizard in a logical hierarchy. For more information on groupings, refer to Grouping, Scoping, and Segmenting Metrics.

  • Modules: Quick links for each of the main Sysdig Monitor modules: Explore, Dashboards, Alerts, Events, and Captures.

  • PromQL Query Explorer: Run PromQL queries to build your infrastructure views and get an in-depth insight into what’s going on. See PromQL Query Explorer.

  • PromQL Query Library: Provides a set of out-of-the-box PromQL queries. See PromQL Library.

  • Management: Quick links for Sysdig Spotlight, help material, and the user profile configuration settings.

  • Scope Filtering: This allows you to explore deep down the infrastructure stack and retrieve all the components in a certain category in a single organized element.

  • Search Metrics: Helps you select desired metrics and build a query with one-click.

  • Time Navigation: Helps you customize the time window used for displaying data

  • Key Page Actions: Quick links to create alerts and dashboards.

Learn More

Learn more about using Explore in the following sections: