Process Kubernetes Events

Process Kubernetes Events

As of agent version 9.5.0, go_k8s_user_events:true is the default setting. Set to false to use the older, C++-based version.

To streamline Sysdig agent processing times and reduce CPU load, you can use an updated processing engine written in Go.

To do so, edit the following code in dragent.yaml:

go_k8s_user_events: true

Kubernetes Audit Events

The agent listens on /k8s-audit for Kubernetes audit events. Configure the path using the following configuration option:

security:{k8s_audit_server_path_uris: [path1, path2]}

For more information, see Kubernetes Audit Logging.

Working with containerd in K3S

If you have containerd using a custom socket, you can specify this parameter in the agent configuration to correctly capture the containers’ metadata:

  socket_path: /run/k3s/containerd/containerd.sock