Event Types

Events come in several types.

The three primary types of events displayed in the Sysdig Monitor Events are:

  • Alert Events
  • Sysdig Events
  • Infrastructure Events

Additionally, you can create Custom Events, as well as import events from LogDNA.

Alert Events

Alert Events are triggered by user-configured lerts. Types of Alerts include Metric Alerts, PromQL Alerts, and Event Alerts. For more information on configuring alerts, see Alerts.

Sysdig Events

Sysdig Events convey high-level information about the Sysdig platform to the user, for example, when a channel has been deactivated or there are failing notifications. For more information, see Notification Failures.

Infrastructure Events

Events can be collected from supported services within the production environment. The Sysdig Agent automatically discovers these services and collects event data for a select group of events by default. Additional events can be added to the list by configuring the dragent.yaml file, which you will find in the /opt/draios/etc directory.

For more information, see Infrastructure Events

Custom Events

Additional events can be collected by the Sysdig agent and displayed in the Events module, but require more comprehensive configuration steps. These Custom Events can be integrated via:

For brief sample scripts regarding configuring other custom events, see Custom Events. For more information, contact Sysdig Support.

LogDNA Events

For LogDNA users, Sysdig Monitor provides the ability to view LogDNA alerts as Sysdig events. These events will provide a link redirecting you to the LogDNA for further investigation.

Just as with other types of Sysdig Events, you can create alerts based on the LogDNA events.

The log data provided by LogDNA carries additional details about system health. The ability to view relevant LogDNA events in Sysdig helps you debug and monitor the health of a system efficiently.

For example, if the number of logs generated during a deployment is higher than expected, you get notified with your Sysdig Events feed.

There is no configuration required on the Sysdig Monitor side. For information on configuring LogDNA to send alerts to Sysdig Monitor, see Sysdig Alert Integration.