Number panels allow you to view a single value for a given entity, along with optionally comparing the current value to historical values. Use the Number panel when the number is the most important aspect of the metric you’re trying to display, such as unique visitors to a website.

Do not use this panel to see a trend, rather use it when you need to see the average of a value over the given time range. This is also useful for counting entities, such as the number of nodes in a cluster.

For information on configuring a panel, see Create a New Panel.

Major Features

  • The default preset for the Number visualization is 1 hour.

  • The global default values for the threshold are overridable. The new value can be reset back to the global default.

  • A comparison between two threshold values determines color-coding directions.

  • The Compare To functionality can be toggled between enabled and disabled.

  • When the Compare To value is set, the preview is updated accordingly showing the comparison value and an arrow denoting the metric has increased or decreased.

  • The unit displayed for Thresholds is determined by the query.