Histograms visutalize data distribution in different range groups. Sysdig Monitor handles three types of Histograms.
  • Histogram panel type on the Dashboard: Histogram panels allow you to visualize the distribution of metric values for large data collection. You should select a segmentation, and optionally, the number of buckets.

    Use Histogram for any metric, Sysdig native or custom, counter or gauge, segmented by a dimension/label. The histogram panel helps understand value across different segments. For example, CPU usage percent by containers across your hosts gives you the aggregated value across the selected time.

  • Legacy Prometheus histogram collection: This implementation of legacy Prometheus Histograms is deprecated in SaaS 3.2.6 release.

    To create a Histogram, use the Prometheus integration to collect histogram metrics and use the PromQL panel with the histogram_quantile function.

  • Prometheus histograms (collected as raw metrics): The legacy Prometheus histogram collection is replaced by the new Prometheus histogram. You can natively collect histogram metrics, and for visualization, use timechart:

    For example, run the following query to build a timechart:

    sum(histogram_metrics_bucket{kubernetes_cluster_name="prod"}) by (le)