Define Minimum Interval for PromQL Queries

This topic describes how to define and use the default minimum interval for a specific dashboard.

When working with PromQL queries you can use the $__interval variable and Sysdig will apply the most appropriate sampling corresponding to the time range you have selected. Sometimes you might have some metrics that report data with a coarser granularity and you want to apply an interval that is higher than the proposed.

For example, if you have a metric that reports data every 3m, and you have selected the 1h preset in the time navigation, the $__interval will be replaced with a time granularity of 10s. This will result in time charts with isolated data points instead of lines.

You can resolve this by setting the Default PromQL Query Min Interval option to 3m on the Dashboard Settings page.

The value must be expressed as a time granularity, for example: 10s, 1m, 1h, and must be between 10s and 1d.

Note: if the proposed interval is greater than the minimum interval, the minimum interval will be ignored.

The setting will be applied to all the PromQL queries in the dashboard and it can be overridden by specifying a different value in the query options.