Build PromQL Panels from Form Query

Step by step guide to create a dashboard PromQL panel based off a form query.

You can use the Translate to PromQL option to quickly build a PromQL-based panel from form queries. To do so,

  1. Build a form query, as given in Building a Form-Based Query. For example, let us build a Toplist for the metric, sysdig_program_cpu_cores_used, segmented by program_name and container_name.

  1. For Sorting, choose Top.

  2. Click Translate to PromQL.

    If a PromQL query is already defined, you will see a message similar to the following:

    In the scenario, you are overriding manually-created or manually-modified queries in the PromQL tab.
  3. Click Continue to proceed.

    The PromQL Toplist panel will be displayed on screen.