Display Dashboard-Specific Events

Sysdig Monitor allows users to configure dashboards to display infrastructure events relevant to a dashboard’s panels within the panels themselves. This allows users an even more in-depth view of the status of their environment.

Configure Event Display

To configure how events are displayed:

  1. From the Dashboard menu, select the relevant dashboard from the dashboard list.

  2. Click the Dashboard Settings (three dots) icon and select Events Display:

  3. Enable the Show Events slider to show events in the dashboard panels.

  4. Configure the following parameters, and click the Save.

FilterFilters events by the event search syntax and searched fields.
ScopeDetermines whether the range of events displayed includes those for dashboard scope or team scope.
SeverityDetermines whether only high severity events or all events are displayed.
Event TypeDetermines what types of events to be displayed. The supported events types are alert, custom events, containers, or Kubernetes.
StatusDetermines the state of events displayed. The supported status are Triggered, Resolved, Acknowledged, Un-acknowledged.

Event Overlay

You can inspect the events directly in dashboard panels and correlate anomalies and issues using the events displayed on the event overlay.

Each rectangular box (event bucket) represents events collected in a specified time interval. The height of the event bucket is proportional to the number of events and the color indicates the highest severity of the event present.

Click an event bucket to interact with the events. You can:

  • View event details.
  • Filter the events by severity.
  • Create an alert from event.
  • Edit an existing event.
  • Take an action:
    • Acknowledge
    • Create Silence from Event
    • Explore
    • See the dashboard (if specified while configuring the alert)
    • See the runbook (if specified while configuring the alert)