Using Dashboards

This topic helps you familiarize with Dashboard operations.
Topics in This Section
About the Dashboard UI

The main components of the Dashboard UI include widgets, time navigation, and panels.

Managing Dashboards

This section guides you in effectively use and manage dashboards.

Managing Panels

Learn more about types, creating, and managing panels.

Build Dashboards with PromQL

This topic helps you build dashboards by running PromQL queries.

Configure Dashboard Layout

Learn how to adjust panel size and dashboard layout.

Configuring Dashboard Scope

Dashboard and panel scope acts as a filter for the data that will be displayed on the dashboard.

Display Dashboard-Specific Events

Sysdig Monitor allows users to configure dashboards to display infrastructure events relevant to a dashboard’s panels within the panels themselves. This allows users an even more in-depth view of the status of their environment.

Sharing Dashboards

Dashboards can be shared internally among team members, with other teams, within the wider organization, or publicly, by configuring a public URL for the dashboard.