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    Troubleshooting Dashboards



    Use Cases

    Process Resource

    Highlights the resource consumption for processes (for example, httpd, java, and ntpd).

    • Identify the top consuming processes in an environment where the same process is spawned multiple times.

    • Monitor this view to identify which processes are using disproportionate amounts of resources.

    • Use to spot which collections may benefit from query and index performance tuning.

    • Identify the most requested, highest traffic producing or slowest processing queries.

    • Determine whether performance can be improved.

    MongoDB Troubleshooting

    Displays the performance of the MongoDB cluster. This view shows how busy the MongoDB service is, which collections are in highest demand and which have the slowest performance

    Network Connections Table

    Displays a full list of the environment’s local and remote endpoints, and all network traffic resource statistics relevant to those endpoints.

    SQL Troubleshooting

    Shows the top SQL queries by displaying metrics for the number of queries received and the amount of traffic sent and received for the query.

    Top Processes

    Lists the top processes running on the Kubernetes environment. Displays resource usage statistics, including CPU, file bytes, memory, and network bytes, for the top processes running within the defined scope.