Hosts Infrastructure Dashboards



Use Cases

Host Resource Usage

Displays resource usage statistics, including CPU, file bytes, memory and network bytes, for hosts running within the defined scope.

  • Use this view to identify when a host is being over or under utilized within a group of hosts with similar job functions.

  • Identify which file systems are filling up or being underutilized.

Disk and File System

This table view shows directory mount points, file system devices, and capacity and usage information for the file systems mounted on the instance. When groups are selected, metrics are averages for similar filesystem mount points.

Remotely mounted file systems are not listed by default. To enable, add the remotefs = true entry to the /opt/draios/bin/ file on each instance.

Memory Usage

Displays the memory and swap usage and page faults.

Network Traffic & Bandwidth

Provides an overview of network traffic in the host, including throughput, queue length, and errors

Sysdig Agent Health and Status

This view reports the number of Sysdig agents deployed in your environment and their versions.

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