AWS CloudWatch Dashboards

ALB OverviewDisplays information such as unhealthy host count, response time, HTTP response count, active and new connection, and so on.
DynamoDB OverviewProvides information such as user errors and consumed Read and Write capacity units.
DynamoDB Overview By OperationShows the count of HTTP operations performed on the DynamoDB.
EC2 OverviewDisplays CPU, disk, network operations in a selected window.
ECS ProjectsProvides the resource count and usage percentage in each cluster.
ECS OverviewHighlights the containers and services per host, request count, and highest resource consumption in containers.
ECS ServicesDisplay information including container and request count per services and resource usage.
ECS Task FamiliesDisplays container and request count per task family and resource usage.
ElastiCache OverviewHighlights resource usage in ElastiCache.
ELB OverviewHighlights resource usage in ELB.
RDS OverviewHighlights resource usage in RDS.
SQS OverviewDisplays information such as number of messages sent, received, deleted in SQS.

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