Dashboard Manager

Dashboard Manager acts as the central repository for all the dashboards associated with your account. The page organizes the dashboards that you have created, that your teams have shared with you, and that you have marked as favourite, as well as the dashboard templates available to you. You can also create, manage and organize the dashboards using Dashboard Manager if you have the sufficient permissions to do so.

Access Dashboard Manager

  1. Log in to Sysdig Monitor.

  2. Click Dashboards from the left navigation pane.

  3. On the Dashboards menu, click Dashboard Manager.

Use Dashboard Manager

You can use the Dashboard Manager for the following:

  • View

    • The dashboards that you have created, that you have marked as favorite, and that your teams have shared with you.
    • The name of the dashboards, visibility (public or private), ownership, date of creation, and the last modified time.
    • The list of Dashboard Templates available to you.
  • Create

    You need the Edit permission to create a new dashboard or a custom dashboard.

    • Create a new dashboard.

      To do so, click Create new dashboard. See Create a New Dasboard for more information.

    • Create a custom dashboard by using a dashboard template.

      On the Dashboard Template tab, click the ellipsis icon, then select Create Custom Dashboard.

  • Manage

    Click the ellipsis icon corresponding to the desired dashboard to do the following:

    • Edit dashboard settings, such as name, description; enable public sharing; change sharing options; and select teams to share with.

      Ensure that you have the Edit permission to do these operations.

    • Create a duplicate of the dashboard. You need the Read permission to copy a dashboard.

    • Transfer ownership of the dashboard. You need the Transfer permission to do so.

    • Delete the dashboard. You need the Delete permission for this operation.

  • Filter dashboards and dashboard templates. Enter the search string to display the matching results.

  • Sort by Name, Visibility, Category, Author, Last Modified, and Created. Simply click the option to sort in ascending or descending order. An arrow appears to indicate the sort order of the dashboard inventory list.

  • Copy public dashboard URL for sharing. To do so, click the Visibility icon corresponding to the dashboard, then click Copy Public Dashboard URL. The sharing URL will be copied to your clipboard.

Last modified August 9, 2022