Timechart Panel

A Timechart is a graph produced by applying statistical aggregation to a label over an interval. The X-axis of a timechart will always be time.

Timecharts allow you to see the change in metric value over time. The amount of data visualized on a graph is dependent on the time selection selected within the Dashboard. You can aggregate metrics from multiple sources into a single line, or graph a line per combination of segment labels.

Time aggregation: For example, the average value of cpu.used.percent metric is computed for each entity over 1 hour at 1-minute intervals.

Group Rollup: For each host.hostName the values from time aggregation are averaged over the scope and the top 10 segments are shown on the chart.

The only supported panel type now in time series is the Line chart.

Line Chart

The Line panel show change over time in a selected window. Time is plotted on the horizontal axis and the change that is measured is plotted on the vertical axis.

The image below shows the trend of resource consumption of top resource-hogging hosts in the last one hour.

Configure Line Chart

For information on configuring a chart, see Create a New Panel.

Stacked Area

An area chart is distinguished from a line chart by the addition of shading between lines.

For information on configuring a chart, see Create a New Panel.

Last modified June 23, 2022