Create a New Dashboard

To create a dashboard with the following:

  • Using the Get Started Wizard.

  • Using a dashboard template.

    Dashboard templates are essentially immutable dashboards that can’t be edited, and the scope is fixed. You can copy them and customize as desired. See Dashboard Templates.

  • Using directly the Dashboard tab. This section helps you navigate to the default Panel editor screen.

Get Started Wizard

Clicking the Create Dashboard takes you to the default panel editor screen.

Dashboard Tab

  1. On the Dashboards tab, click Add Dashboard.

  2. Select one of the following:

    • From Dashboard Template: Copy from a dashboard template.

    • Blank Dashboard: When you create a new dashboard, you are dropped into the panel editor. It is the default dashboard for the avg(avg(sysdig_container_cpu_used_percent)) metrics.

  3. Specify a name for the dashboard, build a query, and save.

    For information on running queries, see the following:

    The new dashboard will now be added to the side panel under My Dashboards and is ready for configuration.