Sysdig users can create customized dashboards to display the most useful or relevant views and metrics in a single location.

This feature-rich dashboards support both form-based and PromQL-based queries and offer several user experience enhancements:

  • Multiple data queries per panel

  • Basic (form-based) and advanced (PromQL) data queries

  • Compare basic query result against historical data

  • Improved granularity of data shown in dashboards. For example, a 1-hour selection shows metrics with 10 seconds intervals.

  • Display up-to-date metrics without time re-alignment.

  • Query support:

    • Allows to query multiple metrics

    • Render the results of a query (time series) as line, bars, stacked area, stairs, text, and so on.

    • Ability to scope and segment each query separately

    • Inherit, augment, or override the dashboard scope

    • Metric descriptor based units with the ability to override

    • Assign Y-axis automatically based on query unit type with the ability to override

Each dashboard is composed of a series of panels configured to display specific data in a number of different formats.

Dashboards categories

Dashboards can be classified in the below categories:

  • My Favorites: The dashboards marked as favorites by the current user.

  • Shared By My Team: The dashboards created by other users in the team and shared with the current user.

  • Featured: A curated list of Kubernetes dashboards.

  • My Dashboards: The dashboards created by the current user.

  • Dashboard Library (formerly: Dashboard Templates): Out-of-the-box dashboards that you can copy and use.