Cost Reports

Cost Reports help you automate reporting of costs with Slack and email integrations, and generate periodic JSON/CSV exports for integration with 3rd party tooling.

Cost Reports is currently in preview.

You can also use Cost Explorer to create cost reports.

Creating Reports

  1. Select Create New Report.

  2. Specify a unique name and description.

  3. Define the export format (CSV/JSON) if you will be exporting these reports for offline processing or integration with thirdparty tools.

  4. Define the scope of the report.

    Scope controls which portions of your infrastructure cost data will be included for.

  5. Select appropriate grouping.

    Currently, only cluster, namespace, and workload are applicable options.

  6. Configure the schedule.

    Note that the frequency of the report will determine the timeframe of cost data that will be included in the final report.

  7. Configure the notification channel.

    Currently, Slack and email are supported. Both the options will present friendly reports for your team.

You will see a preview of the data to export. You can also retrieve the latest report through our API and connect with your preferred tools.

Download Reports

When selecting a report, you will see generated reports available for download either as CSV or JSON, depending on what was configured.