Alert Types

Sysdig Monitor can generate notifications based on certain conditions or events you configure. Using the alert feature, you can keep a tab on your infrastructure and find out about problems as they happen, or even before they happen with the alert conditions you define. In Sysdig Monitor, metrics serve as the central configuration artifact for alerts. A metric ties one or more conditions or events to the measures to take when the condition is met, or an event happens. Alerts work across Sysdig modules including Explore, Dashboard, Events, and Overview.

The types of alerts available in Sysdig Monitor:

  • Downtime: Monitor any type of entity, such as a host, a container, or a process, and alert when the entity goes down.

  • Metric: Monitor time-series metrics, and alert if they violate user-defined thresholds.

  • PromQL: Monitor metrics through a PromQL query.

  • Event: Monitor occurrences of specific events, and alert if the total number of occurrences violates a threshold. Useful for alerting on container, orchestration, and service events like restarts and unauthorized access.

Last modified August 9, 2022