Advisor is available to only our SaaS users. The feature is not currently available for on-prem environments.

Advisor brings your metrics, alerts, and events into a focused and curated view to help you operate and troubleshoot Kubernetes infrastructure. To help you solve problems faster, over time, Advisor will surface your infrastructure issues that you should pay attention to.

Advisor presents your infrastructure grouped by cluster, namespace, workload, and pod. You cannot currently configure a custom grouping. Depending on the selection, you will see different curated views and you can switch between the following:

  • Triggered alerts
  • Events from Kubernetes, container engines, and custom events sent via the Monitor APIs
  • Cluster usage and capacity
  • Key golden signals (requests, latency, errors) derived from system calls
  • Kubernetes metrics about the health and status of Kubernetes objects
  • Process and network telemetry (CPU, memory, network connections, etc.)
  • Monitoring Integrations

The time window of metrics displayed on Advisor is the last 1 hour of collected data. To see historical values for a metric, drill down to a related dashboard or explore a metric using the Explore UI.

Last modified May 20, 2022