Sysdig Monitor

Sysdig Monitor is part of Sysdig’s container intelligence platform. Sysdig uses a unified platform to deliver security, monitoring, and forensics in a container- and microservices-friendly architecture. Sysdig Monitor is a monitoring, troubleshooting, and alerting suite offering deep, process-level visibility into dynamic, distributed production environments. Sysdig Monitor captures, correlates, and visualizes full-stack data, and provides dashboards for monitoring.

In the background, the Sysdig agent lives on the hosts being monitored and collects the appropriate metrics and events. Out of the box, the agent reports on a wide variety of pre-defined metrics. Additional metrics and custom parameters are available via agent configuration files. For more information, see the Sysdig Agent Documentation.

Major Benefits

  • Explore and monitor application performance at any level of the infrastructure stack

  • Correlate metrics and events, and compare with past performance

  • Observe platform state and health

  • Auto-detect anomalies

  • Visualize and share performance metrics with out-of-the-box and custom dashboards

  • Powerful, tuned, and flexible alerts

  • Proactively alert on incidents across services, hosts, containers and so on

  • Trigger system captures for offline troubleshooting and forensics

  • Analyze system call activity to accelerate problem resolution

Key Components

Monitor Interface

Log into the Sysdig Monitor interface, and get started with the basics.


Operate and troubleshoot Kubernetes infrastructure easily with a curated and unified view of metrics, alerts, and events.

Explore the Infrastructure

Dive into Sysdig Monitor with a deeper understanding of the Explore module, data aggregation, and how to break down data.

This feature is available in the Enterprise tier of the Sysdig product. See for details, or contact


The backbone of monitoring: learn more about metrics, integrate external platforms, and explore the complete metrics dictionary.


Learn how to build alerts to notify users of infrastructure events, changes in behavior, and unauthorized access.


Learn how to build a custom dashboard, configure the default ones, or reconfigure panels to best suit your infrastructure.


Integrate with various inbound and outbound data sources ranging from a number of platforms and orchestrators to a wide range of applications.


Integrate Docker and Kubernetes events, customize event notifications, and review infrastructure history.


Create capture files containing system calls and other OS events to assist monitoring and troubleshooting the infrastructure.

Last modified August 9, 2022