Sysdig Monitor

Sysdig Monitor is part of Sysdig’s cloud-native intelligence platform. Sysdig uses a unified platform to deliver security, monitoring, cost-optimization, and forensics in a cloud and container-friendly architecture. Sysdig Monitor is a monitoring, troubleshooting, cost-optimization, and alerting suite offering deep, process-level visibility into dynamic, distributed production environments. Sysdig Monitor captures, correlates, and visualizes full-stack data, and provides dashboards for monitoring your cloud-native environment.

In the background, the Sysdig agent lives on the hosts being monitored and collects the appropriate metrics and events. Out of the box, the agent reports on a wide variety of pre-defined metrics. Additional metrics and custom parameters are available via agent configuration files and Monitoring and Cloud Integrations.

Major Benefits

  • Explore and monitor application performance at any level of the infrastructure stack

  • Correlate metrics and events, and compare with past performance

  • Observe platform state and health

  • Provide predictable cost analysis and savings estimates for Kubernetes

  • Auto-detect anomalies

  • Visualize and shares performance metrics with out-of-the-box and custom dashboards

  • Provide powerful, tuned, and flexible alerts

  • Proactively alert on incidents across services, hosts, containers and so on

  • Trigger system captures for offline troubleshooting and forensics

  • Analyze system call activity to accelerate problem resolution

Use Cases

Topics in This Section
Using Monitor

This topic outlines the different use cases for Sysdig Monitor and necessary direction to get you started.


Advisor brings your metrics, alerts, and events into a focused and curated view to help you operate and troubleshoot Kubernetes infrastructure.


Explore provides you with the ability to view and troubleshoot key metrics and entities of your infrastructure stack. You can drill down to any layers of your infrastructure hierarchy and view granular-level data. You perform the majority of infrastructure monitoring operations in Explore.


Sysdig users can create customized dashboards to display the most useful or relevant views and metrics in a single location.


Alert is the responsive component of Sysdig Monitor. Alerts notify you when an event or issue occurs that requires attention. Events and issues are identified based on changes in the metric values collected by Sysdig Monitor. The Alerts module displays out-of-the-box alerts and a wizard for creating and editing alerts as needed.


An event represents a change of state of an object in a monitored environment. An event indicates an operational change, an exception, or an performance issue.


Integrations for Sysdig Monitor include a number of platforms, orchestrators, and a wide range of applications designed to extend Monitor capabilities and collect metrics from these systems. Sysdig collects metrics from Prometheus, JMX, StatsD, Kubernetes, and a number of applications to provide a 360-degree view of your infrastructure. Many metrics are collected out of the box; you can also extend the integration or create custom metrics to receive curated insights into your infrastructure stack.


Sysdig capture files contain system calls and other OS events that can be analyzed with either the open-source sysdig or csysdig (curses-based) utilities, and are displayed in the Captures module.