Sysdig Monitor

Sysdig Monitor is part of Sysdig’s cloud-native intelligence platform providing security, monitoring, cost-optimization, and forensics in a cloud and container-friendly architecture. Sysdig Monitor offers Kubernetes and cloud monitoring with a managed Prometheus service.
Install the Sysdig agent in your Kubernetes cluster or host machine.
Use Sysdig Monitor to observe your Kubernetes clusters and cloud, and optimize your infrastructure resources.
Set up monitoring integrations for your applications.
Troubleshoot issues such as Crash Loop Back Offs, pod evictions, resource allocation, and limits with Advisor.
Discover metrics available and troubleshoot key entities of your infrastructure stack.
Get savings estimates for your Kubernetes environments.
Use the Dashboard Library to view workload and pod status, monitor resource availability, perform cluster capacity planning and pod rightsizing.
Configure recommended alerts from the Alerts Library or create your own alerts from scratch.