Serverless Agent Release Notes

For Installation and Upgrade steps, see AWS Fargate Serverless Agents.

Supported Web Browsers

Sysdig supports, tests, and verifies the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox.

Other browsers may also work, but are not tested in the same way.

2.1.0 September 17, 2021

Defect Fixes

Fixed Task Stall Issue

Fixed a memory leak in the Serverless Agent instrumentation that could cause the instrumented task to stall. The problem is more likely to be encountered when a large number of captures are generated in quick succession.

Resolved an Agent Error when Reading File Descriptors

Reduced the log level of a benign warning message to debug.

2.0.0 July 7, 2021

New Features

Captures Available

Announcing the availability of the Captures feature in Fargate.

Defect Fixes

Fixed/Enabled Policy Scoping on Instrumented Fargate Tasks

At this time, only container-related scope labels such as or are supported.

Delay Event Source Startup by Default

The system now waits for policies to be available before launching the instrumented task, to fully secure workloads

Fixed Exit Codes for Faulty Workloads

The exit codes of the instrumented tasks are now faithfully propagated.

Better Handling of cmd and entrypoint Errors

Log more informative errors when cmd and/or entrypoint are not available for serverless agent instrumentation.

Fixed S3 Bucket Error

Fixed an issue in the serverless agent installer that caused a failure while attempting to create an S3 bucket in us-east-1 region.

1.0.1 April 15, 2021

Segmentation Fault Error Fixed

Fixed a problem that caused a segmentation fault error inside a Fargate task due to Sysdig instrumentation.

Container Definition Fields Now Support Complex Values

Added support for complex values inside Name and Image fields of the container definition. See also the ECS Task Definition docs from Amazon.

March 15, 2021: Serverless Agents Introduced

Sysdig Serverless Agent 1.0.0 for Fargate ECS

The “container-as-a-service” serverless environment calls for new agent models, and Sysdig provides them. Whereas in ECS, users still manage the underlying instances, with AWS Fargate the host is never visible and users simply run their workloads. And while this model is convenient, it can introduce risk as many people leave the containers unattended, without monitoring security events within that can exfiltrate secrets, compromise business data, impact performance, and increase their AWS costs. In addition, it is not possible to install a standard agent in an environment where you do not have access to a host.

For these reasons, Sysdig has introduced a new “serverless agent” model that can be deployed in these container-based cloud environments. The first implementation is for Fargate (ECS).

Sysdig will be rolling out security features on the serverless agent over time. In v1.0.0, users will see:

  • Runtime Policies and Rules

  • Secure Events

To obtain secure event information and the associated Falco policies and rules in the Sysdig Secure UI from a Fargate environment, users install the serverless agent using a CloudFormation Template. Then log in to Sysdig Secure and review the events in the UI.

See also: AWS Fargate Serverless Agents and Serverless Agent Release Notes (for future updates).

Last modified September 17, 2021: 2.1.0 rrelease (9025b2fa)