Serverless Agent Release Notes

For installation and upgrade steps, see Serverless Agents.

5.0.1 June 7, 2024

Defect Fixes

  • Improved performance in terms of CPU and memory usage for processing policy updates
  • Fixed excessive memory usage with workloads starting many child processes on musl-based images, such as Alpine Linux, and with Go applications
  • Reduced memory usage in the binpatch performance library

5.0.0 April 08, 2024

Feature Enhancements

Changes to Deploying the Serverless Agent

  • To prioritize between Security and Availability in deployments, configurable Serverless Agent Priority Modes have been introduced. For more information, see Configure Priority Modes.

  • To reduce the load on the Orchestrator Agent, the following changes are introduced:

    • A single Workload Agent sidecar will now secure all containers within a task, whereas before each container would run its own Workload Agent.
    • The Workload Agent now runs within the sidecar container with only the pdig instrumentation stack remaining in the workload container.

For this enhancements to work, your system requires one of the following:

  • serverless-patcher v5.0.0 or above for CloudFormation template
  • Terraform provider v1.23.3 or above

Availability of sysdig_serverless_agent_info

Serverless Agent now exposes the Prometheus metric, sysdig_serverless_agent_info. This metric provides the following labels:

  • agent_type
  • container_id
  • serverless_account_id
  • serverless_cloud_vendor
  • serverless_cluster_id
  • serverless_task_id
  • serverless_version

Known Issues

The Workload Agent versions 4.2 and prior will not receive policies when connected to the Orchestrator v5.0.0.

For more information, see the Compatibility Matrix.

Defect Fixes

Vulnerability Fixes

Fixed the following vulnerabilities:



4.3.2 Hotfix Jan 12, 2024

This hotfix updated the CloudFormation template, orchestrator-agent.yaml, to include default values for autoscaling. When autoscaling is disabled, the autoscaling parameters now default to 0.

4.3.2 Jan 11, 2024

Defect Fixes

Improved Agent Error Logging

Enhanced error message clarity for cases where the Workload Agent fails to start the workload task.

Make signal handling more robust

Fixed an edge case in handling signals while running instrumentation code.

Improve ELF format compatibility

Fixed instrumentation crashes associated with specific workloads, such as Chromium webdriver, that occurred when loading ELF binaries with a particular structure.

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