IBM Container Registry Scanner

To run the scanner in IBM Container Registry (ICR), you must have the URL, an API key, and the account ID of the registry.

$ helm upgrade --install registry-scanner sysdig/registry-scanner --version=1 \
--set config.secureBaseURL=<SYSDIG_SECURE_URL> \
--set config.secureAPIToken=<SYSDIG_SECURE_API_TOKEN> \
--set config.registryType=icr \
--set config.registryURL=<ICR_REGISTRY_URL> \
--set config.registryUser=iamapikey \
--set config.registryPassword=<ICR_APIKEY> \
--set config.registryAccountId=<ICR_ACCOUNT_ID>
  • <ICR_REGISTRY_URL>: The ICR registry URL.
    For example,
  • <ICR_ACCOUNT_ID>: The ICR account ID where the registry is located.