Posture Host Analyzer (Non-Kubernetes)

This page describes how to install the Sysdig Posture Host Analyzer on non-Kubernetes hosts using containers. This is used to scan for compliance violations on stand-alone hosts.

Posture Host Analyzer is not yet supported in on-premise environments. For on-prem environments, consider using the Legacy Compliance module.


  • Retrieve your access key to use for ACCESS_KEY.
  • Retrieve your Sysdig Secure endpoint by region to use for API_ENDPOINT.
  • Docker installed.
  • Supported Linux distributions:
    • Ubuntu (22.04.2)
    • Debian (11 - bullseye)
    • RHEL 9.2
    • Fedora CoreOS 37.2
  • Supported CPU Architectures:
    • x86_64

Install Posture Analyzer

Run the following command to deploy the non-Kubernetes Posture Analyzer on a host as a container:

sudo docker run -d [-e TAGS=<TAGS>] -v /:/host:ro -v /tmp:/host/tmp --privileged --network host --pid host --env ACCESS_KEY="xxx"  --env
  • Replace XXX with your agent access key, and <sysdig-secure-endpoint> with the URL for your Sysdig Secure endpoint by region.

  • If proxy is used, pass the proxy settings by using the following flags:

    -e -e



To apply posture with specific zones, the agent and the Kubernetes Security Posture Management (KSPM) components must be in the stand-alone Docker host. Include the kspm-analyzer container as part of the node-analyzer pod while installing to add standalone Docker hosts in the Host list/ Zones.

Note that Inventory is based on Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM)resources.

Add Agent Tags

Optionally, to add agent tags, use the environment variable -e TAGS=<your_agent_tags>.

Replace <your_agent_tags> with the tags you wish to add. For example:

-e TAGS=myApp.Env:Production,


Once the container is running, the analyzer will begin scanning your host for compliance violations and providing security recommendations. To view the results in UI, log in to Sysdig Secure, and go to Posture > Compliance

Results will be shown within a few minutes of installation and scans are refreshed every 24 hours.