Serverless Agents

You can deploy the Sysdig ECS Fargate serverless agent in different ways, depending on your preferences and requirements. There are two deployment options, automated or manual, and two automated methods - Terraform or CloudFormation.
  • Automatic deployment via Terraform or CloudFormation (Recommended):

    You can automate the deployment of the Sysdig serverless agent using Terraform or CloudFormation templates. This method simplifies the deployment process, ensures consistency across deployments, and simplifies ongoing maintenance.

  • Manual deployment: You can manually deploy the Sysdig serverless agent by following the installation instructions provided by Sysdig. This method requires more effort and is prone to human error, but provides more flexibility and control over the deployment process.

With the recommended deployment method, you can quickly and easily instrument your Fargate workloads with the Sysdig serverless agent, ensuring runtime detection and policy enforcement for improved security and compliance.

Next Steps

Install on ECS Fargate using Terraform

Install on ECS Fargate using CloudFormation

Install on ECS Fargate manually