ECS on Fargate

The Sysdig Secure Elastic Container Service (ECS) Fargate serverless agent provides runtime detection and policy enforcement for serverless workloads on AWS Fargate on ECS. It uses Falco to ensure the security and compliance of the workloads. The agent has two components, the orchestrator agent and the workload agent, with their own installation requirements.

The Sysdig serverless orchestrator agent is installed on each virtual private cloud (VPC) and collects data from the workload agent(s). It sends the collected data to the Sysdig backend and syncs the Falco runtime policies and rules from the backend to the workload agent(s).

The Sysdig serverless workload agent is installed in each task and requires network access to communicate with the orchestrator agent. It monitors the serverless workload and enforces the Falco policies and rules to detect and prevent security threats and compliance violations.

By default, the workload agent prioritizes availability over security to ensure the workload can start even if policies are not in place. However, users can change this setting by configuring their workload starting policy to prioritize security over availability.

The Sysdig Secure ECS Fargate agent allows users to ensure the security and compliance of their serverless workloads on AWS Fargate on ECS, reducing the risk of security incidents and compliance violations.

Installation Requirements for ECS on Fargate


Before starting the installation, ensure that you have the following:


  • A custom Terraform/CloudFormation template containing the Fargate task definitions that you want to instrument through the Sysdig Serverless Agent
  • Two VPC subnets in different availability zones that can connect with the internet via a NAT gateway or an internet gateway

On Sysdig

  • Sysdig Secure up and running

  • The endpoint of the Sysdig Collector for your region

  • From the Sysdig Secure UI, retrieve the Access Key to install the agent and push the data to the Sysdig platform


CPU Architecture Support

Serverless Agent supports only the amd64 architecture. aarch64 is currently unsupported.

Pulling Workload Images from Public vs Private registries

Sysdig instruments a target workload by patching its TaskDefinition to run the original workload below Sysdig instrumentation. To patch the TaskDefinition, the Sysdig instrumentation service pulls and analyzes the workload image to get the original entrypoint and the command, along with other information.

  • If your workload image is hosted in a private registry: you must explicitly define the entrypoint and the command in the ContainerDefinition in the template. Otherwise, the Sysdig instrumentation might not be able to collect such information and the instrumentation might fail.
  • If your workload image is hosted in a public registry: no additional operations are required.

Compatibility Matrix

Orchestrator 5.0.0Orchestrator 4.3Orchestrator 4.2Orchestrator 4.1
Workload 5.0
Workload 4.3
Workload 4.2
Workload 4.1

Next Steps

Install the serverless agents on ECS Fargate