Cloud features for AWS continue to be developed and agentless installations of both threat detection and CSPM are offered. To get Identity and Access (CIEM), use a hybrid installation process.

Understanding AWS Installation Options

If you want Identity and Access (CIEM) functionality, do NOT use the Wizard to install agentless components. You must follow the script-based installation that includes CIEM.

Agentless Install Options

If you do not need Identity and Access (CIEM), follow the Agentless Install options. Use the wizard prompts to install:

  • Agentless CSPM and/or

  • Agentless Threat Detection

CIEM Install (Script-based)

If you need Identity and Access (CIEM) follow the CIEM Install option. It is script-based and installs:

  • Agentless CSPM
  • Agent-based Threat Detection with CIEM