Configure Integrations for Sysdig Monitor

Integrations for Sysdig Monitor include a number of cloud platforms, orchestrators, and a wide range of cloud-native applications designed to extend Monitor capabilities and collect metrics from these systems. Sysdig collects metrics from Prometheus, JMX, StatsD, Kubernetes, and a number of applications to provide a 360-degree view of your infrastructure. Many metrics are collected out of the box; you can also extend the integration or create custom metrics to receive curated insights into your infrastructure stack.

Data Sources

  • Monitoring Integrations

    Describes how to configure Monitoring Integration in your infrastructure and receive deeper insight into the health and performance of your services across platforms and the cloud.

  • Cloud Accounts

    Illustrates how to configure Sysdig to collect metrics from different Cloud accounts.

Custom Integrations

  • Java Management Extension (JMX) Metrics

    Describes how to configure your Java virtual machines so Sysdig Agent can collect JMX metrics using the JMX protocol.

  • StatsD Metrics

    Describes how the Sysdig agent collects custom StatsD metrics with an embedded StatsD server.

  • Node.JS Metrics

    Illustrates how Sysdig is able to monitor node.js applications by linking a library to the node.js codebase.

  • (legacy) Integrate Applications

    Describes the monitoring capabilities of Sysdig agent with application check scripts or ‘app checks’.