Sysdig Monitor

Follow the installation instructions provided in this topic to use Sysdig Monitor. Review the components and choose an installation path that fits your environment. Sysdig Monitor collects system metrics and events and offers comprehensive visibility into your infrastructure.

If you are both a Sysdig Monitor and Secure user, follow the Sysdig Secure installation process to obtain the features of both products.

Sysdig Agent

Sysdig Agent is a lightweight daemon that collects system metrics and events from your containers, Kubernetes, and the cloud. The agent sends this data to the Sysdig backend for processing and analysis, where it is used for monitoring and troubleshooting purposes.

Sysdig Agent has the following deployment options. The deployment method you choose will depend on your specific use case and environment.

  • Kubernetes DaemonSet via Helm
  • Standalone binary on Linux
  • Container

Alternatively, you can use Prometheus Remote Write, or Integrations, or both, to collect data from environments where Sysdig Agent is not available.

Prometheus Remote Write

You can use Prometheus Remote Write to collect Prometheus metrics from your Prometheus servers. This is best suited for environments where the Sysdig Agent is not available. However, if you choose to use Prometheus Remote Write, the following features of Sysdig Monitor will not be available as it does not collect syscall() events.

  • System metrics
  • Extended Label Sets
  • The Scope Tree


Integrations for Sysdig Monitor include application integrations, cloud integrations, and custom integrations.

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