Agent Upgrade

The steps to upgrade an agent differ depending on whether the agent was originally installed as a Docker container or as a service.

This section describes how to check the current version of the installed agents, and then how to upgrade them.

It is highly recommended to follow upgrade best practices:

  • Keep upgrades current

  • Upgrade progressively without skipping versions, and

  • Test upgrades in a non-mission-critical or staging environment before rolling in to production.

Agent Version Check

Container/Docker Installation

If the agent is installed as container, run a command similar to:

docker exec sysdig-agent /opt/draios/bin/dragent --version

Service Installation

If the agent is installed as a service, run:

/opt/draios/bin/dragent --version

The agent version can also be found in the agent log file: /opt/draios/logs/draios.log.

Look for the “Agent starting” message, which is logged whenever the agent restarts.

Update Agent

Update the containerized agent version as you normally update any container; the basic steps are below.

Use the full run command as shown in the Settings > Agent Installation tab of your account. CoreOS users can use the fleet script also shown on the Agent Installation tab.

Containerized Agent

To see which agent versions are available see this link.


Basic Steps: stop the agent, remove it, pull the new agent, and install it.

The exact Docker command can also be found in the Sysdig Settings > Agent Installation menu.

docker stop sysdig-agent
docker rm sysdig-agent
docker pull sysdig/agent
docker run . . .


Check whether .yaml files must be updated:

Updating the agent image does not overwrite the daemonset.yaml and sysdig-agent-configmap.yaml on your local system. Check the Sysdig Agent Release Notes to see if you need to download the latest .yaml files from GitHub.

Perform update:

kubectl set image ds/sysdig-agent sysdig-agent=sysdig/agent:<TAG>

Watch update status:

kubectl rollout status ds/sysdig-agent

Service Agent

For service (non-containerized) agent installations, updates are installed as part of the normal system upgrade available with `apt-get` or `yum`.

Debian, Ubuntu

apt-get update
apt-get -y install draios-agent

CentOS, RHEL, Fedora, Amazon AMI, Amazon Linux 2

yum clean expire-cache
yum -y install draios-agent

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