Steps for MKE

Mirantis Kubernetes Engine (MKE) formerly Docker Enterprise, is a managed environment for running Kubernetes to deploy containerized applications. As of Sysdig agent version 12.0.1, Sysdig supports all flavors of MKE.

MKE environments require eBPF probe to support agent installation.

The instructions below describe a standard MKE agent install and call out the special steps needed to install the eBPF probe.


eBPF-Specific Requirements

  • Linux kernel versions 4.14 or above.

  • eBPF probe parameter, --set ebpf.enabled=true to install eBPF probe. See the instructions given below.

Installation Steps

Identify the appropriate endpoint depending on your Sysdig account region. For more information, see SaaS Regions and IP Ranges.


Sysdig recommends using helm charts to install Sysdig agent in Kubernetes environments. For the latest chart and installation instructions, see sysdig-deploy.

Make sure to add the eBPF parameter to the helm command:

--set ebpf.enabled=true

Next Steps

You can continue with instructions in Additional Options.