Change Agent Log Level Globally

The Sysdig agent generates log entries in /opt/draios/logs/draios.log. The agent will rotate the log file when it reaches 10MB in size, keeping the 10 most recent log files archived with a date-stamp appended to the filename.

In order of increasing detail, the log levels available are: [ none | critical| error | warning |notice | info | debug | trace ].

The default level (info) creates an entry for each aggregated metrics transmission to the backend servers, once per second, in addition to entries for any warnings and errors.

Setting the value lower than info may prohibit troubleshooting agent-related issues.

The type and amount of logging can be changed by adding parameters and log level arguments shown below to the agent’s user settings configuration file here:


After editing the dragent.yaml file, restart the agent at the shell with: service dragent restart to affect changes.

Note that dragent.yaml code can be written in both YAML and JSON. The examples below use YAML.

File Log Level

When troubleshooting agent behavior, increase the logging to debug for full detail:

  file_priority: debug

If you wish to reduce log messages going to the /opt/draios/logs/draios.log file, add the log: parameter with one of the following arguments under it and indented two spaces: [ none | error | warning | info | debug | trace ]

  file_priority: error

Container Console Logging

If you are running the containerized agent, you can also reduce container console output by adding the additional parameter console_priority: with the same arguments [ none | error | warning | info | debug | trace ]

  console_priority: warning

Note that troubleshooting a host with less than the default ‘info’ level will be more difficult or not possible. You should revert to ‘info’ when you are done troubleshooting the agent.

A level of ’error’ will generate the fewest log entries, a level of ’trace’ will give the most, ‘info’ is the default if no entry exists.


Using HELM

helm install ... \
  --set sysdig.settings.log.file_priority=debug \
  --set sysdig.settings.log.console_priority=debug

Using values.yaml

      file_priority: debug
      console_priority: debug

Using dragent.yaml

customerid: 831f3-Your-Access-Key-9401
tags: local:sf,acct:eng,svc:websvr
 file_priority: warning
 console_priority: info


customerid: 831f3-Your-Access-Key-9401
tags: local:sf,acct:eng,svc:websvr
log: { file_priority: debug, console_priority: debug }

Using Docker Run Command

If you are using the “ADDITIONAL_CONF” parameter to start a Docker containerized agent, you would specify this entry in the Docker run command:

-e ADDITIONAL_CONF="log:  { file_priority: error, console_priority: none }"
-e ADDITIONAL_CONF="log:\n  file_priority: error\n  console_priority: none"

Using deamonset.yaml in Kubernetes Infrastructure

When running in a Kubernetes infrastructure (installed using the v1 method, comment in the “ADDITIONAL_CONF” line in the agent sysdig-daemonset.yaml manifest file, and modify as needed:

- name: ADDITIONAL_CONF #OPTIONAL pass additional parameters to the agent
  value: "log:\n file_priority: debug\n console_priority: error"