Sysdig Agent

Sysdig agents are simple to deploy and upgrade, and out of the box, they will gather and report on a wide variety of pre-defined metrics. Agent installation can be as simple as copying and pasting a few lines of code from a Wizard prompt, or you can follow step-by-step instructions to check supported environments and distributions, review installation options, and customize the agent configuration file post-install.

About Sysdig Agent

Sysdig agent is a lightweight host component that processes syscall, creates capture files, and performs auditing and compliance. It is a platform that supports monitoring, securing, and troubleshooting cloud-native environments

In addition, the agent performs the following:

  • Metrics processing, analysis, aggregation, and transmission

  • Policy monitoring and alert notification through bidirectional communication with the Sysdig collector

  • Integration with third-party software for consolidating customer ecosystem data

  • Full assimilation into containerized and orchestrated environment

Data Processing

A top-level flow for monitoring is illustrated in the following diagram.

  1. The following agent components gather relevant data:

    • Syscall

    • StatsD

    • JMX

    • Promscrape

  2. Store the metrics for analysis.

  3. Sends the metrics in every second for analysis and aggregation.

  4. Build the 10-second roll-up data.

  5. Send the data every tenth second for serialization

  6. Send the serialized metrics to the Sysdig collector

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Last modified September 23, 2021