Manage Serverless Agent Logs

As of serverless agent version 2.2.0, task logs and instrumentation logs are handled separately.

  • Task logs continue to be with whatever log setup you have on your task container.

  • Instrumentation logs go to a separate log group created by the macro installer:


    At this time, the log group name cannot be edited. By default, the logging level is set to info.

Logging Environment Variables

Set Logging Level

  • SYSDIG_LOGGING is used for instrumentation log level. Default = info. The full list of options are: none | critical| error | warning |notice | info | debug | trace

Log Forwarding

  • SYSDIG_LOG_LISTEN_PORT Default = 32000
  • SYSDIG_LOG_FORWARD_ADDR Default = localhost:32000. Where the logwriter of the workload agent listens. Can be set to any other TCP endpoint.

Advanced Configurations

  • SYSDIG_BUFFER_SIZE: Receiving buffer size in bytes for the TCP listener, which can be increased. Default 1024.
  • SYSDIG_DEADLINE_SECONDS: Connection deadline, which can be increased if clients are taking longer to connect. Default 3.

See other serverless agent environment variables here.

Last modified June 23, 2022