Serverless Agents

Used for container-based cloud environments such as Fargate


The serverless environment: As cloud platforms have evolved, both the convenience and the abstraction levels have increased simultaneously and new agent models are required.

For example, with Amazon’s ECS and EKS, users remain in charge of managing the underlying virtual host machines. In environments like Fargate, however, the hosts are implicitly allocated by the cloud provider and users simply run their containers without allocating, configuring, or having any knowledge of the underlying compute infrastructure.

While this “container as a service” model is convenient, it can introduce risk, as many users leave the containers unattended and don’t monitor for security events inside them that can exfiltrate secrets, compromise business data, and increase their AWS/cloud provider costs. In addition, it is not possible to install a standard agent in an environment where you do not have access to a host.

For these reasons, Sysdig has introduced a new “serverless agent” that can be deployed in such container-based cloud environments.

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