This section helps you install Sysdig Agent in an on-prem environment.

For on-prem installation of the backend components, follow the links on this page, with the assistence of Sysdig’s oversight services.

Install Sysdig Agent Using Helm

Use the following instructions to install the Sysdig Agent on your Kubernetes cluster and begin monitoring your containerized applications with Sysdig Monitor. Sysdig recommends helm-based installation in Kubernetes environments.


For more information on agent configuration, see Configure Sysdig Agent.


Run the following:

kubectl create ns sysdig-agent
helm repo add sysdig https://charts.sysdig.com
helm repo update
helm install sysdig-agent --namespace sysdig-agent \
    --set global.sysdig.accessKey=<YOUR_ACCESS_KEY> \
    --set global.sysdig.region=custom \
    --set global.clusterConfig.name=<YOUR_CLUSTER_NAME> \
    --set agent.collectorSettings.collectorHost=<YOUR_COLLECTOR_HOST> \
    --set agent.collectorSettings.collectorPort=<YOUR_COLLECTOR_PORT> \
    --set nodeAnalyzer.apiEndpoint=<YOUR_API_ENDPOINT> \

This command installs the Sysdig Agent using the sysdig-deploy helm chart. It specifies the following options:


The command above specifies the following options:

  • --namespace sysdig-agent: Specifies that the agent should be installed in the sysdig-agent namespace.
  • --set global.sysdig.accessKey=<ACCESS_KEY>: Specifies the Sysdig access key to use when connecting to the Sysdig backend. Replace <ACCESS_KEY> with your actual access key.
  • --set global.sysdig.region=<customer-region>: Specifies the Sysdig region to use. Replace <customer-region> with the region where your Sysdig deployment is located.
  • --set nodeAnalyzer.nodeAnalyzer.benchmarkRunner.deploy=false: Disables the Node Analyzer component. This is used by Secure users only.
  • --set global.clusterConfig.name=<CLUSTER_NAME>: Specifies the name of your Kubernetes cluster. Replace <CLUSTER_NAME> with your actual Kubernetes cluster name.
  • --set agent.collectorSettings.collectorHost=<COLLECTOR_HOST>: Specifies the host address of the collector to which the agent sends data. Replace <COLLECTOR_HOST> with the address of your Sysdig collector.
  • --set agent.collectorSettings.collectorPort=<COLLECTOR_PORT>: Specifies the port of the collector to which the agent sends data. Replace <COLLECTOR_PORT> with the port number of your Sysdig collector.
  • --set nodeAnalyzer.apiEndpoint=<YOUR_API_ENDPOINT>: Specifies the endpoint for the nodeAnalzyer to connect and send data to. Replace <YOUR_API_ENDPOINT> with your endpoint.

After running these commands, the Sysdig agents should be installed and running on your Kubernetes cluster, and starts sending data to the Sysdig backend.

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