Understand the Windows Agent Configuration

The agent relies on a configuration file named dragent.yaml to describe the configuration that influences the behaviour of the Windows Agent. This file is located in the %ProgramFiles%\Sysdig\Agent\Config directory. You can add configuration parameters directly in YAML as key-value pairs.



If Sysdig Windows Agent is installed in a Windows host, edit the dragent.yaml file directly.

Edit the Configuration File


  1. Log in to the host where the agent is installed.

  2. Open %ProgramFiles%\Sysdig\Agent\Config\dragent.yaml.

  3. Edit the file using proper YAML syntax.

  4. Restart the agent services for changes to take effect.

> Restart-Service -DisplayName "Sysdig Connection Manager"
> Restart-Service -DisplayName "Sysdig Security Manager"