Configuring Sysdig Agent

Out of the box, the Sysdig agent will gather and report on a wide variety of pre-defined metrics from a range of platforms and applications. It can also accommodate any number of custom parameters for additional metrics collection.

You can edit the agent configuration file to extend the default behavior, including additional metrics for JMX, StatsD, Prometheus, or a wide range of other monitoring integrations.

Use this section when you need to change the default or pre-defined settings by editing the agent configuration files.

For the latest helm-based installation instructions and configuration options, see sysdig-deploy.

Topics in This Section
Understand Agent Drivers

Understand the Agent Configuration

Configuration Library

The Sysdig configuration library lists all the major configurations supported by Sysdig agent components. This document is evolving and will be updated as new configurations are added to the product.

Configure Agent Modes

Agent modes provide the ability to control metric collection to fit your scale and specific requirements. Using the appropriate mode for a specific environment helps reduce the amount of resources (CPU and memory) that the agent consumes and the number of metrics that the agent collects.

Tune Agent

View Agent Health

The Sysdig Agent utilizes LivenessProbe to assess its internal health state and ReadinessProbe to determine its readiness to accept incoming requests. Additionally, the agent can generate internal health metrics through a Prometheus exporter.