Configuration Library for Serverless Agent

The configuration library lists all the major configurations supported by Sysdig agent serverless agent. This document is evolving and will be updated as new configurations are added to the product.

Processing Events

Under certain circumstances, such as experiencing high CPU pressure, the workload agent may struggle to efficiently process security events from the containers it secures. During such scenarios, you can temporarily pause generating events. As a result, the instrumentation within the secured containers will stop producing events, effectively contributing in saving CPU cycles. Later, when conditions improve, the workload agent will resume generating security events.

You can rely on the following parameters to customize the behavior of the workload agent. Such parameters must be provided to the workload agent through the environment variable SYSDIG_EXTRA_CONF.

Note that enabling and disabling event processing works only in availability mode. In security mode, event processing is always enabled.

Configuration ParameterDefault ValueDescription
capture_controller.check_interval_ms1000The interval between two consecutive checks of the start or stop conditions in milliseconds.
capture_controller.timeout_condition_hold_start_ms30000The minimum interval the start condition must hold before restarting the events processing. Value is measured in milliseconds.
capture_controller.timeout_condition_hold_stop_ms30000The minimum interval the stop condition must hold before requesting to stop processing events. Value is measured in milliseconds.
capture_controller.timeout_force_start_ms60000The timeout to forcibly restart processing the events. Value is measured in milliseconds.
capture_controller.timeout_condition_hold_stop_after_force_start_ms3000The minimum interval the stop condition must hold before requesting to stop event processing after a force restart. Value is measured in milliseconds.
capture_controller.enable_force_starttrueTurns the force restart on and off.
capture_controller.static_cpu_usage_threshold75.0The static CPU usage threshold used to evaluate the start condition for event processing if enabled.
capture_controller.use_static_cpu_usage_thresholdfalseTurns the static CPU usage threshold on and off.