Configuring ECS Fargate Serverless Agent

After deploying the Sysdig serverless agent for ECS Fargate, you can configure the starting policy, enable http proxy, fetch secrets, upload a custom CA cert, or manage logs using the information in this section.
Topics in This Section
Configure Priority Modes

You can use environment variables to customize the workload priority modes for serverless agents on ECS Fargate.

Configuration Library for Serverless Agent

The configuration library lists all the major configurations supported by Sysdig agent serverless agent. This document is evolving and will be updated as new configurations are added to the product.

Enable HTTP Proxy for Serverless Agents

Both the orchestrator and the workload agent can be configured to connect to an HTTP proxy.

Fetching Secrets from SecretsManager

The Sysdig Access Key and the HTTP Proxy password can be fetched from AWS SecretsManager when deploying the orchestrator agent as of serverless agent version 4.0.0.

Manage Serverless Agent Logs

Even if the Sysdig workload agent runs in the same container as the workload it instruments, their log streams are handled separately.

Uploading Custom CA Certificates

As of serverless agent version 4.0.0, the orchestrator agent supports the uploading of CA certificates.