Use this section when you need to change the default settings by editing the configuration files of installation components.
Topics in This Section
Configure Sysdig Agent

Out of the box, the Sysdig agent will gather and report on a wide variety of pre-defined metrics from a range of platforms and applications. It can also accommodate any number of custom parameters for additional metrics collection.

Configuring Sysdig Windows Agent

After deploying the Windows Agent, you can establish fine-grained control over which events are captured, collector, and HTTP proxy settings. You can edit the agent configuration file to extend the default behavior. Use this section when you need to change the default or pre-defined settings by editing the agent configuration files.

Configuring ECS Fargate Serverless Agent

After deploying the Sysdig serverless agent for ECS Fargate, you can configure the starting policy, enable http proxy, fetch secrets, upload a custom CA cert, or manage logs using the information in this section.

Configuration Library for Cluster Shield

The Cluster Shield configuration library lists all the major configurations supported by Cluster Shield components. This document is evolving and will be updated as new configurations are added to the product.

Pull Images from Private Registry

You can configure Sysdig Helm charts to pull container images from a private registry that requires authentication.