Sysdig is a container monitoring and security platform that provides visibility into containerized applications running on a variety of cloud and cloud-native platforms, including Kubernetes, Docker, and AWS. It helps you troubleshoot issues, secure your applications, and meet compliance requirements.

Sysdig has two main products: Sysdig Monitor and Sysdig Secure. Sysdig Monitor provides monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities, while Sysdig Secure provides container security, compliance, and vulnerability management. The Sysdig Agent underlies both, and is deployed differently for Sysdig Monitor vs Sysdig Secure.

You can deploy Sysdig using a variety of methods, including as a Kubernetes deployment, a standalone installation, or as a cloud service. The deployment options vary depending on the features you would like to install.

Sysdig Monitor

Sysdig Monitor offers monitoring, troubleshooting, cost-optimization, and alerting capabilities with process-level visibility into your dynamic, distributed production environments. To use Sysdig Monitor, install the Sysdig Agent in your environment and start collecting system metrics and events. Sysdig Monitor also integrates with cloud monitoring services such as AWS CloudWatch Metrics.

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Sysdig Secure

Sysdig Secure provides runtime security, vulnerability management, compliance and benchmarks, and response. Runtime security includes workload and container drift monitoring, image profiling, activity auditing, and network security policy generation. Compliance and benchmarks enable you to check your workloads and cloud environments against compliance standards like CIS benchmarks. Vulnerability management includes runtime vulnerability scanning, build pipeline scanning, and registry scanning. Rapid Response allows designated advanced users to connect remotely to a host for forensic investigation. To use Sysdig Secure, install the Sysdig Agent in your environment, along with other desired components. You can also connect cloud accounts to various Sysdig Secure features.

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Sysdig Monitor + Secure

If you are both a Sysdig Monitor and Secure user, follow the Sysdig Secure installation process. Sysdig Secure installation includes installing the Sysdig Agent, which is used by both Sysdig Monitor and Sysdig Secure.

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